Innovation - icing with no ice
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Innovation - icing with no ice

Incrediwear technology is unique and quite revolutionary when it comes to benefits it provides. One of the benefits - long term icing effect without causing vasoconstriction and tissue damage. All that’s needed are Circulation Hoof Socks or Exercise Bandages and - WATER! Simply hose the products down and leave on for 1 hour. How does it work?

Incrediwear technology is based on semiconductors which contain a negative charge. Embedded inside the fabric are semiconductors Carbon and Germanium:

When fabric is dry and touches the skin - these active elements release negative ions sending mid level and far infrared waves into the body and causing cellular vibrations. This is what increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage as well.
When water is added and product is wet - negative ions are activated more intensely. As a result of this endothermic response ( energy into the body) and the biochemical change creating an exothermic (release of heat or energy) - heat is kicked out of the body cooling the tissue and, providing an “icing effect*.

What's important and makes the biggest difference - blood flow is still stimulated at the same time, so this icing method doesn't cause tissue damage.

Regular icing with ice packs or wraps causes vasoconstriction, which slows down a blood speed and blood flow, not allowing oxygen, nutrients and microphage to come into the area and help with a recovery process. Incrediwear Equine cools down tissue, but continues increasing blood flow and speed at the time, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area. This is why Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks and Exercise Bandages can be used for icing even for an hour and more.⁣⁣ This icing method is not only efficient, but super convenient as well.

We recommend trying Incrediwear Equine icing on yourself to test what the horse feels!

Incrediwear Equine icing test

Dip the Hoof Sock or Exercise Bandage in the water (try boiling hot water - you will be surprised by the effect!), rinse excess water and apply Hoof Sock or Bandage on your leg. Then - just wait for it! Try to keep the wet product on for at least 30 minutes. Truly amazing!

Products that can be used for icing:
- Circulation Hoof Socks;
- Circulation Exercise Bandages;
- Incrediwear Human line.

*More detailed insight:
When the negative ion is activated by the body heat and a water (which acts as transducer), it creates transduction of the mid-level infrared wave into the tissue, causing an endothermic response inside the tissue. As a result - tissue cools down and heat is drawn outside the tissue exothermic (heat is accumulated on the surface of the fabric). This effect can be tested with an infrared camera.