Incrediwear Equine Ambassadors are daily users of Incrediwear technology.

They all believe in a positive change this innovation brings to equine healthcare and performance.

Meet Ambassadors

Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour

  • Olympic Dressage rider, DENMARK

"Incrediwear technology improves daily comfort for my horses. Even after tough trainings and shows their legs always look perfect when using Incrediwear Equine. I’ve felt the impact on myself as well! I recently started training for a half marathon and Incrediwear really helps my restitution remarkably and provides great comfort when running!"

Emile Faurie

  • Olympic Dressage rider, list-two British dressage judge, UK

"I have read up about the technology that is behind this very innovative product, and having used it, I've been amazed by the results. The legs of my horses looked cleaner and tighter than ever before. I have used just about every product that has been available, and I was astonished by the immediate effectiveness of Incrediwear Equine."

Thorsten & Allison Zarembowicz

  • FEI Single Horse Combined Driving World Champion

"With Inrediwear Equine I can give my horses the care of "icing" each time after training without the extra effort. Truly, this technology is arguably better than traditional icing for many reasons!"

Kristaps Neretnieks

  • Olympic Showjumper, LATVIA

"From a pair of bandages a few years ago Incrediwear Equine products have now become essential part of our horse care daily routine. Our equine athletes deserve top care and Incrediwear Equine provides that - we use standing wraps for transportation and overnight, bandages for flat work and socks for icing and our horses’ legs are always in top condition."

Manuel Fernandez Saro

  • Olympic Showjumper, SPAIN (based in Netherlands)

"Incrediwear Equine has proved to improve well being of MFS Horses and has become essential part of our daily routine. Top level comfort during trailering and rest, faster recovery after workouts and shows and of course - injury prevention - these are benefits I and my team appreciate the most!"