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"I’ve never seen such results"

Nothing motivates us more than all the amazing feedback our customers share with us! Thank you, Adrianna!

Adrianna Maclean (Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
Instagram: @in_stride_aqha, April 4th, 2020
Horse: Annie, 18 y 15.3hh broodmare, due in a few weeks

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“I know I’ve said many times how much I love @incrediwearequine Circulation Hoof Socks and Bandages, but I’ve never seen anything work this well on Annie’s legs. Annie always has swollen legs and it’s often accompanied with heat. We would usually have to put ice boots, pack her hooves, poultice with wraps, or Back on Track wraps. These would all provide short term relief, but within a few hours of them being off the heat came back and the swelling never went away, so we would have to wrap legs or pack her hooves every night just to provide a short term relief. Thanks to Incrediwear Equine Circulation Hoof Socks Annie’s legs haven’t had heat since the first day we used them on her and her legs aren’t swollen and the best part is that they stay that way throughout the day. Her legs are the best they’ve ever been!”

Last month Adrianna also used Hoof Socks on the other horse with severe swelling issues, Spencer:

“These Hoof Socks from Incrediwear Equine are amazing!!! Spencer’s left hind fetlock this morning was terrible - so swollen it looked like he didn’t even have a fetlock, just leg connected to the hoof. I immediately put the Hoof Socks on and within a few hours the swelling went down and I decided to wet them to activate the icing effect. And again - maybe 3 hours after almost no swelling at all! Spencer to get swelling to go down takes a day of moving and rubbing him with lineaments and then wrapping with Back on Track quick wraps, but these socks take the swelling done within a few hours and I did absolutely nothing just put on the hoof socks and that was it. This product it truly amazing 100% recommend use these 😍

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