Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps are designed to fit comfortably around the horse's legs to help prevent injury, accelerate recovery, and improve performance. These revolutionary wraps can become an essential component of your equine care routine.

When you use Circulation Standing Wraps on your horse's legs, the fabric absorbs body heat, triggering increased blood flow and lymphatic circulation. This supplies more oxygen, nutrients, and macrophages to support healing, regulates tissue temperature to prevent overheating, and minimizes swelling through accelerated lymphatic drainage.


Non-Compressive: Can be worn for up to 24 hours, ensuring continuous care.

Thick Cushioning: Protects bruising legs during travel or in a stable.

Used for: Stable rest after workouts, trailering, and injury recovery.


  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Reduces soreness
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Accelerates recovery time
  • Cools legs


    To understand which size to choose please measure the height from the horse's knee/hock to pastern and pick the closest size from the available choices. 

    • 12-inch / 31 cm
    • 14-inch / 35 cm
    • 16-inch / 41 cm
    • 18-inch / 46 cm

    Conditions Treated:

    1. Stocking up: Aids lymphatic drainage and reduces edema.
    2. Tendinitis/Suspensory Desmitis: Use before work to reduce swelling.
    3. Inferior Check Ligament Desmitis: Worn around the clock to reduce inflammation.
    4. Annular Ligament Desmitis/Wind Puffs: Reduces inflammation and treats adhesion formation.
    5. Bucked Shins/Splints: Reduces inflammation and promotes bone remodeling.
    6. Green Osselots: Reduces inflammation in the fetlock joint.

    Important Note:

    Usage of Incrediwear Equine products for specific conditions should be under the supervision and/or advice of your veterinarian. If your veterinarian is not familiar with Incrediwear Equine, have them contact us for more information.

    General Guidelines: Incrediwear is a novel "athletic" fabric that has been used in the human sports industry for over 6 years. It features a germanium/carbon-embedded fiber that activates when exposed to body heat, causing infrared waves to induce cellular vibration through energy transfer to intracellular water, thereby releasing and triggering a mechanical increase in blood flow to the area along with heightened lymphatic drainage, resulting in its unique properties. Incrediwear Equine has adapted these principles into a new line of products focused on the equine distal limb. When applied dry, the product increases blood flow and promotes lymphatic drainage. 
    It's important to note that all applications should be conducted under the supervision and/or advice of your veterinarian. If your veterinarian is not familiar with Incrediwear Equine, encourage them to contact the office for more information.


    Black edition Circulation Standing Wraps are designed with durable cotton fabric on the outside that attracts less wood shavings and dust and the active side with Germanium and Carbonized Charcoal will help to keep horses’ legs in top condition.

    • 48% Polyester (Germanium/Carbonized Charcoal Embedded)
    • 32% Foam
    • 10% Rubber
    • 5% Cotton
    • 3% Nylon
    • 2% Spandex

    Washing Instructions:

    • Place in a pillowcase or wash bag.
    • Wash warm or cold up to 104°F (40°C).
    • Tumble dry low.
    • Place horizontally to dry.
    • DO NOT bleach.
    • DO NOT iron.
    • DO NOT dry clean.

    *In rare cases, a horse may become "overstimulated" by the increased blood flow and begin pawing or tearing at the wraps. In this case, the product should be removed, although it may be reapplied later or for a shorter period.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Circulation Standing Wraps: Leg management savior!

    Circulation Standing Wraps have become a staple in managing my horse's legs, and I can't recommend them enough! They play a crucial role in the recovery process for my horse. I appreciate the update to the black wraps, with the outside material attracting less shavings/debris than the original design. Compared to traditional wraps, these maintain structural integrity, providing reliable support to my horse's legs with day after day use. If you're seeking quality wraps that offer both leg protection and aid in recovery, Circulation Standing Wraps are the way to go. A must-have for every horse owner!

    Lisa Faraone

    Actually, blown away by how effective we are! My horse had lymphangitis over the summer, the swelling never really completely went away in his leg. After the First use with these wraps, I could actually see the tendons in his leg again.! Very impressed!


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