How Incrediwear Technology's “Icing with No Ice” Works
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How Incrediwear Technology's “Icing with No Ice” Works

At Incrediwear Equine, we often receive questions about the unique cooling mechanism our products provide to the horses. We understand that the concept of “icing with no ice” can seem a bit mysterious, so we’re here to break it down for you. Our innovative cooling technology offers therapeutic benefits without the discomfort and risks associated with traditional ice therapy. So let’s dive into how our products deliver this refreshing, gentle cooling effect.

You might already be familiar with how Incrediwear Equine technology works. When dry Incrediwear Equine products get applied to horses' bodies, the semiconductors in the products get activated by the body heat, and in return they emit infrared waves and generate negative ions, which boost blood flow and enhance lymphatic drainage, providing a multitude of benefits. However, the secret to Incrediwear Equine's intense cooling is water. When our products get wet, the water triggers a process involving semiconductors germanium and carbon, which play a crucial role in our cooling effect.

When water interacts with the semiconductors in the fabric, it triggers an endothermic reaction. This is a chemical process that absorbs heat from the surroundings—in this case, from the body through the skin. Unlike traditional ice packs that apply cold externally, our technology pulls heat away from the body, creating a cooling effect from within. This results in a more gradual and sustained cooling, avoiding the harsh and abrupt temperature drops typical of conventional ice therapy. Unlike ice packs, which can cause ice burns, nerve damage, or frostbite if left on the skin for too long, our gentle, yet effective cooling method is safe and ideal for reducing inflammation, providing continuous cooling helping to recover faster and more effective.

Another common question we get is why the fabric feels warm to the touch while the skin underneath remains cool. Incrediwear Equine cooling effect is a sophisticated result of the interaction between water and the semiconductor materials in the fabric. These materials enhance thermal conductivity, allowing for efficient heat transfer from the skin to the fabric through the endothermic reaction. The result is a cooling sensation on the skin while the fabric itself may feel warm as it absorbs and dissipates heat.

Whether the horse is cooling down post-exercise, dealing with injuries, needing relief from fatigue, or cooling down comfortably, Incrediwear’s “icing with no ice” technology offers a revolutionary solution. Our products deliver sustained, gentle cooling that reduces inflammation and supports recovery without the harsh effects of direct ice application. Experience the benefits of our cutting-edge cooling technology and discover a new, more comfortable way to cool and recover. BACK TO ALL News