Keep stable fill at bay with Incrediwear Equine products
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Keep stable fill at bay with Incrediwear Equine products

Stable fill is a prevalent issue among stabled horses that manifests as swelling in the legs due to decreased movement. This condition, while often not life-threatening, can lead to discomfort and negatively impact a horse's overall health and well-being. Addressing this challenge, we at Incrediwear Equine have two perfect products to help you keep the stable fill at bay for your horse.

Our Circulation Standing Wraps and Hoof Socks are designed with cutting-edge technology. These products incorporate a unique blend of Germanium and Carbon within the fabric. When these materials come into contact with the horse's body heat, they release negative ions. This release triggers a significant increase in blood flow and enhances lymphatic drainage in the horse's legs.

This process is beneficial to help manage the stable fill by boosting circulation. Therefore, these products facilitate the efficient removal of excess fluid build-up in the horse's legs by reducing swelling and inflammation. This is a crucial step to provide the comfort and health of horses that are confined to stables for extended periods.

Incrediwear Equine Standing Wraps


The Circulation Standing Wraps provide non-compressive support, making them suitable for extended wear. This is beneficial for horses during their rest periods in the stable or while being transported. These wraps are adept at offering protection against leg swelling, which is a common issue for many horses while at rest.

Also, our Circulation Hoof Socks provide the same benefits to the horse's lower legs and hooves and can be worn dry 24/7. Moreover, our Hoof socks provide the most innovative cooling treatment - "icing without ice" - which is activated when the socks are wet. That is possible due to the unique properties of the semiconductors that are embedded in the yarn. They create an endothermic reaction when water is applied to the fabric. When used wet, they function similarly to an ice pack, providing soothing relief to the horse's muscles and joints, without the negative side effects associated with ice. They can be used wet for up to one hour and then removed and changed to our Standing wraps for stable rest to protect the legs overnight from swelling.

Circulation Hoof Socks


The integration of our advanced technology into daily equine care routines offers horse owners a highly effective means to manage stable fill. By enhancing blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and providing a unique cooling effect, these products ensure the comfort, improved performance, and accelerated recovery of horses. This makes Incrediwear Equine an essential component of modern equine care, transforming the approach to managing common challenges faced by stabled horses.