Emile Faurie joins Incrediwear Equine
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Emile Faurie joins Incrediwear Equine

Competing in the world class division requires not only top level of excellence, but putting horse’s welfare first. That is why Emile Faurie and the Heath Farm team have chosen to become Incrediwear Equine ambassadors and include Incrediwear technology as part of their daily training and night rest routine so as to help horses and riders to improve their performance.

Emile Faurie Incrediwear Equine Ambassador

Emile Faurie is one of the UK's top international dressage riders and trainers, and he has represented Great Britain at the world, European and Olympic level.  Emile is also a list-two British dressage judge. Right now Emile is sharing his competence to help young and talented riders and their horses on their path toward success. The extent to which they are protected against traumas, and the extent to which they relax at night are of significant importance in this process.

Along with Emile, another Incrediwear Equine ambassador is Tom Goode -  Emile's Head Rider. Tom also appreciates the advantages of Incrediwear technology and is looking forward to test influence of this technology on the performance and results of horses in the long term.  Incrediwear Equine is looking forward to joint product tests with Emile and Tom so as to be convinced about the effectiveness of our products under intensive training sessions.

Emile and Tom's top Grand Prix horses are currently using Circulation Standing Wraps and Circulation Hoof Socks at night rest so as to ensure daily recovery and allow the bodies of the horses to prepare in a better way for a next day of training. Tom's horse, Dior, trains in Circulation Exercise Bandages every day.  Improved circulation and thermoregulation make it possible to protect the horse more effectively against possible injuries, and this also helps to enhance performance.  The two riders are also testing the effectiveness of this technology on their own skin - they are using the advantageous given by Incrediwear Human line.

The Incrediwear Equine team is thankful for Emile Faurie's trust in our technology! We welcome both riders, Emile and Tom, to our team of brand ambassadors!