Regular size: 12,5 cm x 275 cm / 5" x 108"

Pony size: 9 cm x 185 cm / 3,5" x 73"


Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages fit comfortably around the horse's leg and are created to help prevent injury, accelerate recovery time and improve performance. Secured with a reliable Velcro strip.


Used for:

  • Workouts;
  • Injury recovery;
  • Instant icing (when wet).


    • Reduced swelling and inflammation;
    • Reduced soreness and muscle fatigue;
    • Increased blood circulation;
    • Increased lymphatic drainage;
    • Accelerated recovery time;
    • Cooling legs.

    ➡️ Since not based on compression, can be used for extended periods of time.

    Cold therapySimply wet Circulation Exercise Bandages with regular water for instant icing effect. Cold therapy effectiveness will remain for 45 min up to 1 hour to reduce swelling. For more dramatic icing effect, hot water can be used - place Exercise Bandages in hot water for 2 minutes, rinse excess water, wait a minute for bandage to cool down a bit and apply.

    Some conditions amenable to treatment with Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages:

    Tendinitis/Suspensory Desmitis - Both of these conditions can include inflammation, injury and/or degeneration of the tendon/ligament, usually involving the matrix to some degree.  Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages worn for at least an hour before work has shown efficacy at reducing the pathologic swelling that may limit the normal function of the tendon/ligament and may lead to weakness in the structure. During the acute phases (pain on palpation of the affected area), it is beneficial to wear the Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages wet for at least an hour/day as ice bandages. In chronic cases, it may be beneficial to work the horse in dry Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages. Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps can be used around the clock while in the stall.

    Inferior Check Ligament Desmitis - This is a condition often associated with painful inflammation and possible adhesion formation between the inferior check ligament (ICL) and either the superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT) or the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT).  Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps or Circulation Exercise Bandages can be worn around the clock to reduce inflammation and prevent or treat adhesion formation, particularly as the horse is starting back to work.

    Annular Ligament Desmitis/Wind Puffs - These conditions encompassing the fetlock region usually involve inflammation and possible adhesions in the case of the annular ligament. Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps or Circulation Exercise Bandages can be worn around the clock to reduce inflammation and prevent or treat adhesion formation, particularly as the horse is starting back to work.

    Bucked Shins/Splints - Both of these conditions involve inflammation of the bone and/or periosteum. Incrediwear Equine Standing Wraps or Circulation Exercise Bandages can be worn around the clock to reduce inflammation and promote bone remodeling. During the acute phases (pain on palpation of the affected area), it would be beneficial to wear the Incrediwear Equine Therapeutic wraps wet for at least an hour/day as ice bandages.

    Green Osselots - This is a condition involving generalized inflammation of the fetlock joint of young racehorses, particularly at the joint capsule insertion to the cannon bone. Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages can be worn either wet or dry to reduce the inflammation in the acute phases.

    Stocking up - This is a condition that most often affects the lymphatic drainage of the distal limb resulting in an accumulation of “pitting edema” within the subcutaneous tissues of the limb. Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps can be worn around the clock or Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages can be applied for an hour before work or worn during exercise.

    And more - to find out if Incrediwear Equine products can help your horse, feel free to get in touch:

    Important! Usage of Incrediwear Equine products for specific conditions should be under the supervision and/or advice of your veterinarian. If your veterinarian is not familiar with Incrediwear Equine, have them contact us for more information.

    *In rare cases, a horse may become “overstimulated” by the increased blood flow and begin pawing or tearing at the bandages. In this case, the product should be removed, although it may be reapplied on a subsequent day or for a shorter period of time.



    1. Wear Circulation Exercise Bandages while working your horse.

    2. Immediately following working your horse, wet exercise bandages and leave on for approximately 45 minutes up to 1 hour. Circulation Exercise Bandages act as an ice pack for 45 minutes up to 1 hour to decrease swelling.

    3. Remove the Circulation Exercise Bandages and place the Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps and/or Incrediwear Circulation Hoof Socks on for up to 24hrs (dry).

    GENERAL GUIDELINES: Incrediwear is a novel "athletic" fabric that has been used in the human sports industry for over 6 years. It features a germanium/carbon-embedded fiber that activates when exposed to body heat, causing infrared waves to induce cellular vibration through energy transfer to intracellular water, thereby releasing and triggering a mechanical increase in blood flow to the area along with heightened lymphatic drainage, resulting in its unique properties. Incrediwear Equine has adapted these principles into a new line of products focused on the equine distal limb. When applied dry, the product increases blood flow and promotes lymphatic drainage. When applied wet, particularly with warm or hot water, an endothermic reaction occurs, resulting in decreased surface temperatures, creating an 'ice bandage' effect. By following these general principles, the product can be applied dry before exercise to enhance blood flow and wet following exercise for the cooling effect. It's important to note that all applications should be conducted under the supervision and/or advice of your veterinarian. If your veterinarian is not familiar with Incrediwear Equine, encourage them to contact the office for more information.

    WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Place in a pillow case or wash bag. Wash warm or cold up to 104F (40C). Tumble dry low. DO NOT bleach. DO NOT iron. DO NOT dry clean.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Hannah Stone
    Must have

    Love love love! Easy to use. My horse loves them

    My new favorite leg therapy

    I have always been a fan of BOT boots after exercise but they are not ideal for the hot summer weather after a workout. And cold hosing and ice boots never seemed to get my horse's leg that cold. I was amazed that I could just hose my horse and they apply these wraps and wet them and leave them on while I cleaned up my stuff. When I went to take them off my horse's leg was nice and cold. I mainly was looking for a tool to help decrease inflammation after a work out and prevent swelling. And this has done a perfect job!!! I'm a total fan - these were worth the money. They save time and water from cold hosing. Thank you!!!!

    Joyce Sauriol
    Seems to improve circulation !

    I'm not sure they are ''ice pack like'' when wet; I'm not even sure if having them wet does make a difference. But definitely helps my horse legs circulation. I used them when I work my horse & wet them right after. Swelling is always gone when I take them off. Hope it will help on the long term.

    Allison Z
    Very effective

    I’ve gone through MANY different boots, wraps and therapeutic products for training and none has been more effective than these exercise wraps. My horses legs always look tight and smooth after using and I don’t have any issues with rubs or skin problems from using.
    Effective, easy to use, and durable. Highly recommend !!

    Extremely happy with results!

    Our horse with lymphangitis always has significant swelling in that leg. These wraps dramatically decrease the edema and help her to move much better. Combined with using the standing wraps when she is stalled, we are able to keep her leg almost normal again. I wish I had discovered Incrediwear years ago!


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